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If you use Sketch, there’s a chance you’ll have heard of InVision (spoiler: they create a kickass tool that lets you create high fidelity mockups in no time). Sketch aligns nicely with their own product, so it makes sense that they are investing resources into products that fit into the growing Sketch eco system. Over the past couple of months, they’ve released no fewer than four incredibly detailed UI Kits (all available here on the site) and now they’ve just up’d their game with Invision LABS and their first Sketch plugin, called Craft.

Craft is essentially three tools in one. Type, Photos and Duplicate. I’ll go over each individually.


From the Craft product page: “Bye, Lorem ipsum. Get real, relevant content automatically, generated or from the web, with Type.”

So from the slick side panel, I’m now able to populate my designs with real content, either pulled from one of the included data sets, or direct from any website? Say whaaaat?

Here’s InVision’s video showing how Type in Craft works. Pretty darn cool if you ask me!


Next up we have Photos. This one is a biggie for me, because I know how much time can be wasted searching the web for images to use in my designs. Now it’s just a matter of clicks and you can automatically pull in images from Unsplash (a popular site to find awesome free stock photography), a specific folder on your computer, a folder on Dropbox or the web.


Duplicate, as the name suggests, makes it easy to duplicate layers, groups or symbols.


Styles is a new addition to the plugin and it’s awesome. Not only does it automate the process of creating style guides (Whoop!), but also and more importantly it solves a much bigger problem and that is… finding and locating slight color or font variations. This makes it super easy to find those left over fonts in your designs and update them to use the relevant style.

I gotta say I’m really excited about the future of InVision LABS and quality of the extensions their building for Sketch.

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