Introducing Made with Sketch

I've been using Sketch since the early days (back before Adobe pulled the plug on Fireworks) and I was a fan from day one. The simplicity of the interface compared to Fireworks was like a breath of fresh air. Since then I've never looked back. Now it's time to give back to the awesome Community that has steadily grown around this awesome product we all love so dearly.

Since then I’ve used it almost daily and it’s become one of the tools I can’t go without.

Of course what makes Sketch awesome is not just the product, but the awesome Community around it. The ever growing list of Sketch plugins means more creative ways to be even more efficient in the tool we love.

Being that Sketch Community has given me so much, I felt compelled to give something back and alas Made with Sketch is conceived.

I’ll be joined on the site by Andrew Neale, a good friend and fellow Sketch enthusiast who will help curate the sites content and contributing a bunch of his own Sketch goodies (as will I).

The plan for the site is to take our time and slowly build up the library with only the best of the best Sketch freebies.

We may try our hand at selling a few premium goodies down the road, but for now I’m happy to just let the site grow organically.

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