Made with Sketch started off as showcase the best Sketch resources out there, while being a place to share my own Sketch goodies with the community.

While there are already some great resources out there to find Sketch goodies, I still felt compelled to offer up my own take to the Sketch Community. As the saying goes, the more the merrier!

As I started adding Sketch resources, I found that many of the downloads were hundreds of megabytes plus and with my crappy connection, the downloads would often time out. Then after finally downloading a bunch of Sketch freebies to launch the site with, I started getting notifications that I was running out of space on my laptops hard-drive.

All of this got me to thinking and after a bit of testing, I was able to get the first UI Kit down from 386mb to 13mb, just by removing the embedded images from the sketch source. Now that may not seem like much when you're on a zippy connection, but the difference was for me was 10 minutes vs 10 hours.

Then I got to Facebook Devices, which is great initiative from Facebook - but again, it was only available as a single download (124mb) with all the devices and (I later discovered) still images of the devices. Useful, but it would be great if there was an option to download a specific device and the stills as an optional download.

Just removing the stills got the zipped file size down to 30mb, but then I took it step further and created individual downloads for each of the devices, making it easy to find a specific device via a quick search. Not to mention the zipped file size is anything between 60kb and a few megabytes.

Kudos and thanks

Andy Neale from EezyLabs will be helping curate the content on the site and has bunch of his own Sketch goodies that he'll be contributing to our growing library.

The site was created using the Beans framework, which I highly recommend you check out, as it's pretty awesome. Hat tip to Thierry Muller for his help and guidance when ever I got stuck on anything.

One of the components in Beans is the UIkit framework, from Team Yootheme, which really makes it super duper easy to build out rich layouts in no time. To make it even better, Beans gives you full control over which UIkit components are loaded on any given page, which ensures you aren't loading anything that isn't needed.

Made by me

My name is Chris and I'm a designer and front-end developer, based in the beautiful city of Cape Town, South Africa. I am currently a solopreneur, building up a network of sites that will eventually help realize our dream of buying a piece of land with my fiancé, that we can live sustainably on. When not creating themes or thinking up new business ventures, I can generally be found in garden, in the kitchen or out exploring this amazing city we live in. Almost always barefoot.